How To Catch Cat Fish

How To Catch Cat Fish, Learn To Catch Cat Fish

Steps on How to Clean Catfish

Catfish Fishing

Catfish may be pretty easy to catch since they're greedy little creatures that eat almost anything when they're hungry and will thereby take any bait you dangle over them. Cleaning them, however, is a different matter. Indeed, cleaning catfish is like the proverbial 'trial' you have to go through in order to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Indeed, if you want to enjoy a good catfish meal, you have to first clean it properly.

So, to aid you in your catfish cleaning ordeal, let me enumerate the steps.

First of all, you should gather the instruments that you need. Of course, you will need a long and wide wood board. It should be clean and free of varnish. You will also need a claw hammer, a nail (a long one, preferably), and a pair of pliers (the regular type and not the needlenose type). A fillet knife is a must have. It would also be useful to have a butcher knife on hand.

Now, once you've gathered the equipment, check your fish. Make sure its dead. You don't want to start cutting up a live fish because that would just be cruel and inhumane. If you're not sure that the fish is dead, just bash it on the center of the top of its head with the hammer. This might seem cruel, but trust me, it's easier for them. And it's much better than being cut open alive, that's for sure.

When you're sure that it's dead, cut through the skin behind the fish's gills and gut the fish. Try not to puncture any internal organs since the exudates from these organs may cause a bitter taste to stick to the fish. Once your done, use the pliers to hold the fish steady and then cut of the fins.

Keep the fish steady by nailing its forehead on the chopping board. Then, imagine a line running down the center of the fish's back and cut it there. Now, secure the board by propping it against something then, using your pliers, pull the skin off of the fish starting from the head. Remove the skin completely up until the tail. When you're done, cut both the fish's head and tail using your butcher knife.

Now, get your fillet knife and start filleting the fish starting from its tail. Fillet both sides of the fish, and voila, you now have your catfish fillet!

Quick Tip #1

Catfish reside in the parts of the water where there are trees or logs. They like staying where the water shifts from shallow to deep and the current is slow. And naturally, when there are obstructions such as logs, this condition is met. The biggest lesson here, however, is to know the locations which the catfish love. Catching catfish is easy if you know how they behave.

Catfish Fishing

Quick Tip #2

In records, the biggest catfish ever caught was 2.7 meters in length and 293 kilograms in weight! That's about the size of a full-grown grizzly.

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